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Hello friends! It's been so long, I know. I blame myself on this one. I never thought it will take this long for me to write again. I should brag about how busy I was but that's not why you're here for, right? I'm here to talk about style, and it's importance. (We'll talk about style in general, my person opinion, trends, wanted stuff this fall and fall fashion in general.) :)

Importance of style in general.
Some of you might not agree with me, but I'm here talking about my personal opinion. We're not the same, and I'm not judging any of you. My opinion about style and its importance is huge. Each person represents itself by many things but also by style. Our dressing and style plays an very important role to look good in front of others and to feel better and comfy in our own skin. Dressing in clothes that represent your personality is a way of saying who you are without having to speak. Our identity is based on how other people view us and how we view ourselves. The way that you look and clothing is the first impact that individuals have of you. To be able and provides individuals a excellent first impact, you need to be dressed in a way that suits your individual style.

+ Fashion.
Fashion is to update yourself! By doing fashion we feel fresh and confident among our peers. We get socially accepted with our peers which is the stage of motivation. However don't copy the fashion created by others exactly, do your own inventions too according to trend. And always do such fashion which suits you best and present your personality in a best way.

source; Street Style; London :) I love each one of them, and omg I bet you do too! 

AAAAAND IT'S FALL BABY, finally. (even tho it's depression and finals session lots of fashion goodies are here, and I'm extremely happy about it!)

After each one I'll say YES or NO, (approved or not based on my taste..)

1. Open-toe booties. It's like a sandal/bootie hybrid. But open toe means no socks, and no socks means smelly summer feet. And in the winter, no socks means bare toes, which means frostbite. Those two weeks in fall when the weather is something out of a dream? Open-toe booties are perfect.
M: YES! Approved.

2. Leather shorts or skirt. Leather always looks super cool. Leather shorts and skirts are for when you're tired of wearing girly floral stuff, but it's not quite chilly enough for full-on leather pants. If it's even 1 degree over 75 degrees outside, however, you will be dripping with sweat along your waistband.
M: OMG, HUGE YES. I even stopped for a second to find a reason why in the world I don't have them yet!!! 

3. Light scarves. You really can only wear them when it gets chilly at night or during those two magical weeks in fall. In the summer, you are not wrapping fabric around your neck. Your hair already makes it hot enough. And in the winter, these things provide as much warmth as a fake fireplace.
M: ABSOLUTELY YES, I don't even know how many I own. TOO MANY, probably. or not. hehe.
4. Cropped sweaters. Crop tops are super cute. Make a crop top out of sweater material, add some sleeves, and you're set for winter, right? Wrong. Whose bare belly is brave enough to face winter? Your internal organs are important. Keep them warm.
M: I like it. Depends on the final products (outfit) hmm, I'd say maybe? haha, but okay, Yes to cropped sweaters.

5. Trench coats. In theory, these are amazing. Don't carry your dumpy umbrella that blows inside out. Throw on a trendy trench coat and look super stylish! Only problem with that is the last thing you want to wear when it's raining in the summer is a coat, and they're rarely lined with anything warm enough to prevent you from dying of frostbite if you get soaked in the winter. They look great, though, for those few weeks in the fall.
M: Always, always, always, YES.

My wishlist, this beautiful fall.
Lots of cozy stuff, simple boyfriend jeans, sweaters, and beautiful fall colored makeup :)

With this one, I'm ending this post, and I hope you liked it (all...), Comment below with your opinion and what do you think about it in general.



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