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 Fashion trends and my wishlist mix

Helloo! I've been away for some time because I had to fix some things, and study, and I barely ever had some free time (even when I did I was hanging out with friends and watching my new favorite TV show, you'll find out which one is it..) Anyway, today I got an idea to actually post some new fashion trends, and my wishlist and all things that I like in general.

My favorite three outfits, I'd wear them for any occasion. I'm sure many of you will agree with me. Combination of cozy and casual is always a winner! 

For all school/college girls  these combinations are brilliant!

My obsession this year goes to: COATS, I just simply love them. They are always so comfy, and cozy, so it's extremely good idea to wear them because at the same time you'll feel warm and satisfied. So, give them a try!

Source: Top Shop, John Lewis, Acne Studio and London Drugstore. :)

Thank you for reading! Until next time, bye! <3 xoxo

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